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A Very Retrospective Birthday

16 Jun

In honor of my 22nd birthday, I would like to share a quote by actress, Ingrid Bergman:

“I have no regrets, I wouldn’t have lived my life the way I did if I was going to worry about what people were going to say.”

Well, unfortunately, I’m not a movie star so I have some, actually many regrets. In particular, I am most upset about a missed business opportunity. I never developed my high school invention, the waffle spoon.

What is the waffle spoon? It’s only my multi-million dollar brain child. Let me explain. With regards to ice cream eating accessories, we have…

the ice cream cone,

the waffle cone,

and the latest creation, the waffle bowl.

Now, the waffle bowl is great because it takes ice cream consumption to the next level, incorporating the best of both worlds. No longer does the ice cream enthusiast need to deal with the messiness of the cone or dreariness of a normal bowl. Instead, the waffle bowl allows users to neatly eat dessert in a fun AND edible bowl. The only problem is, you have to use a spoon and let’s be honest, plastic, metal or silver, the standard spoon is lackluster in comparison to the dynamic waffle bowl. So, what if, there was a spoon counterpart to the waffle bowl, an edible spoon, a spoon born from waffle cones, a waffle spoon.

In case you’re still a little confused, I illustrated the concept. Get the picture? (Get the pun? Heh.)

Some of you naysayers may be wondering, “Won’t the spoon get soggy, impeding its ability to successful deliver ice cream to one’s mouth?” Well, the ingenuity of the product is that the composition of the spoon will be thick enough to avoid disintegration but thin enough to remain edible. Although I have yet to create (or even attempt to create) a working model, I am confident that it will work. I am also certain that it will be successful because seriously, who wouldn’t enjoy an edible spoon?

On second thought, in the process of writing this post, I’ve convinced myself to follow my dream and reconvene the development of the waffle spoon. I just need some investment capital. Any takers?