Obnoxious Obligations

13 Jun

I’m really trying to avoid using my blog as a medium for complaining because well, if I start whining too much then pretty soon, I’ll have one of those emo blogs, resembling my xanga from the seventh grade. So, forgive me as I dedicate this entry to my hatred for graduations.

It’s that time of the year again. I not only had to attend my own commencement last month but a few days ago, I was also obligated to go to my sister’s high school graduation. Now don’t get me wrong. I am proud of my sister’s milestone and I even enjoyed yelling out embarrassing childhood nicknames as she crossed the stage, (maintaining my title as Sister of the Year.) However, despite the relative ease of the 1.5 hour ceremony, I’m just not a fan of the ugly robes, the cheesy, pedantic  speeches and the obnoxious air horns. Sorry! Plus, graduations, by nature, symbolize the ends of eras and life transitions, and I’ve never been one to deal well with change.

This isn’t a recent development either; I’ve always harbored an intolerance for graduations. When my older brother graduated as valedictorian of his elementary school, my father was supposed to make a speech at the ceremony. Unfortunately, he never made it to the stage, because as soon as he left his seat, some brat started screaming her head off. Parents seriously need to learn how to control their children…oh wait, that kid was me. In my defense, the ceremony was three hours long. In what world, does a class of 25 need three hours to graduate?

Now I recognize that I’m probably being more obnoxious than the obligation, itself. But hey, don’t worry. Over the years I’ve somewhat matured and learned to cope. At my brother’s  high school graduation, I was much quieter, and I bet that by the time my sister finishes med school, my behavior will be nearly flawless.


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